Older Doesn’t Have to Mean Emptiness.

Empty hours that pass so slowly.  Health care needs that increase every year.  Worry for a parent’s well-being as they age.  They can be a heavy burden.  Your parent deserves in-home care and companionship you can trust when you can’t be there.

We Put the “Care” in Home Health Care.

We Know Better.

As a home health trailblazer, Ohio Valley Home Health brings decades of knowledge and experience right into your parent’s home.

First Comes Love.

Every elder deserves a personal touch.  So Ohio Valley Home Health actively seeks out people with a passion for our kind of care.

Care You Can Trust.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your parent is having their needs met, every day.

One Provider.  Every Kind Of Care.

Ohio Valley Home Health provides southern Indiana’s elders with every stage of in-home care, from personal and home care to skilled nursing care.

Personal/Home Care

Usually provided by one of our CNAs/HHAs, Personal/Home Care includes help with basic tasks and activities of every day living, as well as some that are directly health related, such as medication reminders or changing a dressing.

ohio valley home health skilled nursing care

Skilled Nursing Care

Under a plan of care periodically reviewed by a doctor, Skilled Nursing Care covers a wide range of medical tasks including chronic illnesses management, diabetic care, IV therapy, catheter or colostomy maintenance, injections and more.

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