We Honor Veterans

Veterans often return home with issues that can remain for decades. Whatever they’ve witnessed, they often lock the trauma away inside, never talking about what they’ve seen. At Ohio Valley Home Health, we believe their service has earned them the dignity of living in the familiar surroundings of home as long as possible, even if their health makes that challenging for them.

We provide home care for veterans, whether its personal home care or skilled nursing care, and we give every veteran all the attention and care they need to live comfortably at home.  As with everyone we serve, we get to know their unique background and health concerns, then work with doctors and loved ones to create a plan of care that meets each of their needs. 

Above all, it’s our honor to get to know and care for these heroes who have put service above self.  Beyond the normal duties we perform and the care we provide, we listen deeply as we seek to understand the challenges they may be facing due to illness, isolation or traumatic life experiences.